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Your Toronto Indoor Climbing Expert

Our climbing walls and routes are crafted to provide a rewarding experience, one that is fun and challenging. They are designed to be effective as both an introduction to climbing for beginners and for honing the skills of the seasoned climber.

The truth about climbing: anyone who can climb stairs can reach the top of our climbing walls. Our goal is to make sure everyone has success at Rock or Drop. In just an hour your confidence will be raised and you’ll be shocked by what you've achieved and by how engaged you are – mentally and physically. There are walls of all different heights so you can start off slow. Don't worry about fearing heights. It is perfectly natural to have that sense of fear. It's part of our natural makeup. After becoming used to the harness catching you, your natural fear will disappear and you will be thinking of nothing but UP!

We have every age from 3 to 83 at our gym and all different weights. We’ve had people who haven’t done anything “active” in 30 years get to the top of a route first try. We’ve had kids on our climbing team who had been told their whole life that they were uncoordinated (because they weren’t good at ball sports) compete at national climbing competitions.

Get High!
Don't be Shy!

Rock or Drop climbing gym was built in collaboration with "Walltopia". We created our facility with the love of climbing in mind, sculpting spaces that make climbing accessible and challenging to all levels and disciplines of the sport; Lead, Top Rope, Autobelay and Bouldering. Our kids zone is designed with your little ones in mind, keeping them active and engaged! Choose to have your first climbing experience with us or let us provide you with the tools you need to craft your skills and take your climbing to the next level. We have over 27,000 square feet of climbable surface to choose from.

Kids can Climb!

kid climbing

Anyone can Climb!

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