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New to Climbing

We offer both roped climbing and bouldering for all levels. Fun and fitness are the main purpose for beginners. Bouldering is the most efficient way to learn climbing technique and increase power and stamina and it’s FUN!

Beginner Adult

Many adults want to workout but don’t want to go to a traditional gym. Rock climbing is a great way to stay active, fit and strong as well as provide social interaction. You can participate in structured comprehensive instructed classes or you may start on your own with minimal direction.

Beginner Youth

We’ve got various programs for youth, from drop-in to weekly recreational programs, to a simple day pass and equipment rental, or a 2 hour instructional Group Belay. Our knowledgeable staff will introduce and reinforce rock climbing safety, skills and technique. Your child will be getting fit and having fun. We offer bouldering (climbing lower structures protected by a soft gymnastics style landing pads), and roped climbing where they are harnessed in (both autobelay, standard belay and lead climbing). If you choose to join us for a drop-in or simply on a day pass program all children under the ages 14 must be directly supervised by an adult.

New to Rock or Drop

Our facility comes fully equipped with a variety of climbing wall angles and a wide range of grade levels. We also invest in a variety of training apparatus so that you can get a complete workout to complement your session.

Get Ready
to Rock or Drop


All guests must read and sign a waiver. Waivers are not always kept on file, please be prepared to fill out a new waiver if necessary. All waivers expire after 5 years.

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