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Toronto, ON M3J 1G8



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Rock On!
Rock Higher!

It all started here. With a passion. A passion for the best climbing experience possible.

When we first opened in 1990, there were no climbing gyms, so we had to figure it out for ourselves. Invent it all. We did so, with one goal in mind, to bring you the best indoor rock climbing possible. After 25 years, that mindset hasn't left us.

But a lot has changed since then, rock climbing is no longer an extreme fringe sport that no one has heard of. In fact, climbing on plastic has become very popular around the world, so popular that it has now been accepted into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We are proud to have been there from the beginning, forging the path. But despite all these changes we are still committed to bringing you the best climbing experience possible.

Why Rock
With Us?

An Overview:

A spacious (27,000 square feet!), clean and bright indoor climbing facility that offers a wide range of services for anyone from the beginner to the hard-core climbing addict!

  • 15,000 sq ft of climbing terrain
  • Over 100 top-rope routes, on walls up to 36 feet in height
  • About 15 lead-only routes, as well as lead routes on almost every top-rope route
  • Over 100 boulder problems up to 14 feet high
  • 2 Slacklines
  • World’s largest indoor stalactite to climb on
  • Free-standing boulder to climb on (always fun for kids!)
  • Party Room (with real dishes & cutlery!)
  • Training Room (includes campus boards, stationary bike, rower and weights)
  • Moon Board (our newest addition for training hard!)

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