The Museum of Colour,
Shape and Style

We're committed to bringing colour and shape to the masses!

1234 Rainbow Blvd. Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P3

Our History

The Museum of Colour, Shape and Style opened in August 2014. Located at 1234 Rainbow Blvd. in Toronto's downtown core, we have established ourselves as Canada's first and foremost archive of all things colourful. Shades and tints abound in our galleries, our colour palette consistently impresses and our monochromatic galleria soothes the senses. See our amazing colour wheel in the rotunda. Our primary and secondary colours are second to none! Visit our Tertiary Garden and relax in our forest of analogous colours and vector shapes.

Let's face it, things are seldom ever black and white, but isn't that the way we like it?
That is why, despite being legally blind, I became involved with The Museum of Colour, Shape and Style, eventually becoming its president.
Legally Blind, Not Colour Blind. Dr. Primary, President of The Museum of Colour

The Museum is essentially the result of president Dr. Primary's belief that he could make people more aware of the colours around us. In August 2013, he left his position as the senior photoshop curator at the Institute for Colour and dedicated himself to turning his vision into reality.


The physics of colour from the perspective of light through a prism.

Museum Timeline:

  1. 2014
    • August: Museum opens to colourful reviews and applause, an indication of the shape of things to come!
  2. 2015
    • January: Approval of expansion plan is formally announced.
    • August: British curator Hugh Tertiary is hired. Expansion of the colour exhibits area continues.
  3. 2016
    • June: Special exhibit opens: A square peg in a round hole - hidden shapes all around us.
    • November 13: Our flagship exhibit: If Photoshop is so great, why are the default swatches Black and White? receives international acclaim!
  4. 2017
    • August 19: Gala opening of our new Hue/Saturation and Brightness café.

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