The Museum of Colour,
Shape and Style

We're committed to bringing colour and shape to the masses!

1234 Rainbow Blvd. Toronto, Ontario M2J 1P3

What to see and do

The Museum has a multitude of permanent installations. Here's just a sample:

  • Robotic Creatures of the Night.
    • Explore the evolution of shapes and colours in the robot world. Laser eye cannons, gradient textures, mutating shapes and more!
  • Explore Nature.
    • Colour is all around us. Natures palette has provided inspiration for artists throughout the ages. Come and see art and nature in our celebration of the colour wheel.
  • Shapes of the Future.
    • Our state of the art facilities showcase interactive exhibits and hands on learning opportunities.

Robotic Creatures of the Night

robot creature

Explore Nature

colourful nature picture

Shapes of the Future

escher print

Metamorphosis I, 1937. MC Escher Woodcut printed on 2 sheets.

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