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Here are my course modules.
We progressed from basic HTML and CSS.
Each assignment has its own specific parameters and problems to deal with.
"Sometimes the most difficult challenges are the most rewarding."

Website Design

Coding Basics

All about HTML, semantics, and CSS

Museum of Colour home page

Museum of Colour

Two CSS styles with the same content

Cowboy Styled CSS

Corporate and Cowboy

Dreamweaver, SASS and GitHub

Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Templates

climbing gym home page

Rock or Drop Climbing Gym

SASS, GitHub, and Efficiency

portfolio home page

Original Portfolio Design

Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

photoshop movie poster

Ghost Cat: The Haunting of Fluffy

website mockup

Client Project Built from Mockup

Responsive Design

Media queries and Bootstrap

league of heroes

The League of Heroes Responsive Website

JavaScript intro and Canvas

trivia and number game

The Really Obscure Tolkien Trivia vs Number Game

JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript, jQuery, and jQuery Plugin

Radical Photo

Radical Photo with jQuery

jQuery Plugin Fun

Let me see that again!